The YouTube mobile app is perhaps the most convenient method to watch your favorite YouTube videos. Not only does the YouTube app allow you to save videos for offline viewing, but it also makes it easy to explore the platform. Furthermore, it is more mobile-friendly than using a traditional website on your phone. However, one vexing issue with the YouTube app is the infamous pop-up notice that says “YouTube keeps stooping” every time you try to access it.

While this may perplex you, it can be caused by a variety of factors including insufficient storage, system problems, app flaws, and more; nevertheless, you can solve it – yourself – with just a few clicks on your phone. And that’s exactly why we’re here. When YouTube keeps crashing on your device, follow the 8 ways below step-by-step to get rid of it. The fixes are also applicable to the YouTube Music app.

Force The Youtube App To Close.

Before you try anything further on this page, we strongly advise you to restart the YouTube app. Apps can misbehave if they are left idle in the background for too long, or if another app tries to terminate them. However, restarting the YouTube app on your smartphone is a quick solution to fix “YouTube keeps halting.”

This compels YouTube to terminate the existing session and start a new one, which will help you solve the problem you’re having. To force the YouTube app to close on Android, follow these steps.

  • To open the Settings app on your device, press and hold the Home button.
  • To see all of your apps, go to the Apps & Notifications tab, then select See all apps.
  • Open YouTube by scrolling to it.
  • To close the YouTube app, press the Force stop button on the UI.

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Manually relaunch YouTube to see whether the “YouTube keeps stopping” issue has been resolved. If not, we have a slew of alternative options for you below! Continue to experiment with them until you find one that works perfectly.

Delete The Cache Of The App

If restarting YouTube didn’t solve the problem, another option is to erase the app cache. You watch YouTube videos for several hours a day, and the app caches a variety of data to keep it running smoothly. However, if the cached files become faulty or outdated, the YouTube app may continue to crash.

Carry out the identical processes as in the first solution.

When the YouTube app info panel opens, select Storage & Cache.

To clear the cached data, click the Clear cache option. For the time being, don’t tap the Clear data button to avoid losing your YouTube downloads.

To make the modifications take effect, force stop the YouTube app once more, then relaunch it to check its status.

Install/Uninstall The Android System Web View

If YouTube or YouTube Music continues crashing on your Android phone, you may be experiencing an issue that many Android users experienced in March 2021. Many users, including myself, have had their apps crash repeatedly for no apparent reason.

However, the problem was quickly resolved when Google declared that the problem was caused by a recent upgrade to the Android System WebView app and that it had been corrected in the most recent version. So, if YouTube keeps crashing on your device, simply update Android System WebView via the Play Store and restart your phone.

Here’s a rundown of everything you’ll need to do:

Make sure your device is connected to the internet and launch the Play Store app.

Search for Android System WebView in the search field. ‘

To install an app, choose it from the list and hit the Update button.

To see the most recent update, launch YouTube right now. If it still doesn’t work, try removing Android System WebView updates (downgrading) instead:

Return to the Play Store’s WebView download page.

To downgrade it, tap the Uninstall button.

Before you re-open YouTube, try the next solution.

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Restart Your Computer.

If you’re used to troubleshooting problems on your phone, you’re probably aware of how effective it is to reboot it. It’s not merely a gimmick or a word-of-mouth phenomenon. Restarting any device on the move can solve a lot of problems without putting you under a lot of stress.

It’s simple since you don’t have to go through a lot of steps manually. Simply restarting your phone terminates all running processes, clears any files that are causing problems, and refreshes the entire system.

If you haven’t rebooted your phone in a while, you can do it by holding down the power button for a long time and selecting Restart from the options. Alternatively, to reboot your Android device, press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds.

Check Youtube For Availability Updates.

Keeping your Android apps up to date is one method to stay out of trouble. This assures you have the most up-to-date security patches, bug fixes, performance improvements, and features, among other things. If the YouTube or YouTube Music app on your phone keeps halting, it could be due to a recent change in the app bundle or phone system. In the meanwhile, the only method to remove it is to update it.

To upgrade YouTube on your phone, follow these instructions.

Select the official YouTube app from the list of results on the Play Store.

Then, if available, click the Update option to install the most recent version of YouTube.

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Is Your Storage Space Insufficient? Free Up Some Space On Your Phone.

It’s time to check your phone storage if you’ve made it this far on this page and YouTube keeps halting on your phone. Low storage on Android can cause a variety of problems, including the one you’re presently experiencing. That’ll only take a few minutes to correct. To view the left storage, first navigate to Settings > Storage > Internal Storage.

If you’re running out of space, try deleting useless programs, unnecessary files, recently viewed movies, and more. Just make sure you have adequate space on your device for your apps to run.

Look For Any System Updates.

When you have the adequate free capacity and YouTube continues to crash, check for updates on your phone and install them as soon as they become available. This ensures you have the most up-to-date security patches, bug fixes, and an overall better software experience.

As new updates and security fixes are released, older devices may be unable to run updated apps. To avoid problems, it’s critical to keep your gadgets up to date. Go to Settings > System > System Updates to check for and install system updates on your phone. You’ll see the most recent update for your device there.

You’re not out of luck just yet if YouTube keeps halting after you apply system upgrades. Try the final option listed below.

Uninstall And Then Reinstall The Youtube App.

We can tell from the first solution on this page how hard you’ve been trying to get YouTube to operate on your device again. Reinstalling the YouTube app is the last option if none of the preceding methods have worked for you.

It usually works since it deletes all of the YouTube files and bugs on your device. However, there’s a chance you’ll lose your downloads. So, if you have a lot of videos on YouTube that you haven’t viewed yet, we apologize. All you have to do now is let them go.

It’s simple to reinstall YouTube when you’re ready; simply follow the steps below.

Locate and launch the Play Store from your app drawer.

Enter YouTube in the search bar at the top of the screen, then search!

To delete YouTube, select Uninstall on the screen and wait a few seconds.

Then, to reinstall YouTube, tap the Update (or Install) icon next to it.

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