We are confident that you are well-versed in the social networking site known as Facebook. I mean, who doesn’t have a page there? Almost everyone has done it. If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve probably encountered the error “this page isn’t qualified for a username.”

In this article, we will show you how to resolve this Facebook issue.

What Role Does A Facebook Page Username Play?

Your page can be quickly tagged by other Facebook users if you have a Facebook page username. In other words, other Facebook users will find it easier to find your page straight on the internet. When the username you choose has already been taken by someone else, the message “this page isn’t qualified to have a username” shows.

When selecting an appropriate username, many factors must be taken into account. A Facebook username’s maximum length is usually approximately 50 characters. By selecting settings from the upper right of any Facebook page, you can establish your own Facebook username.

Setting a Facebook username for a business page requires you to be the administrator. If Facebook notices that you have lately created multiple new pages, you may find it difficult to come up with a username for a new page. When your page is inactive, you can also remove the page’s username.

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Why Are You Receiving The Message “This Page Isn’t Eligible For A Username”?

These are some of the possible causes of the notice “this page isn’t qualified for a username.”

  • It’s the first time you’ve created a Facebook page.
  • If your page does not have a minimum of 25 likes, you may receive this error.
  • If you are not an administrator on the page and want to create a username for it. Then that error is almost certainly going to happen.
  • Additionally, if the username you want to set is already in use by someone else, that error notice will appear.

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What Can I Do About The “This Page Isn’t Eligible For A Username” Issue?

The simplest and most painless way is to make a buddy the administrator of that Facebook page for a limited time and ask them to add the username for you. However, this technique appears to work best when your friend is not an administrator of any other Facebook page.

After that, go to the editor, change to administrator, and then click on add. A notification will be sent to the person you assigned the permissions to, informing them of the change.

You can also log out of Facebook and sign back in if you have the login information for the page’s administrator. Alternatively, you can provide them with instructions on how to modify the page’s username. After login in, look for the problem in the top-right menu bar under “your pages” and choose the desired page.

Following that, you can type any user name you choose. The bottom line is that each Facebook page must have its own username. Once your username has been approved, others will be able to find your Facebook page easily by tagging you. If the error message double-quotes this page isn’t eligible to have a username persists, you can try logging in with someone else’s account.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this post has assisted you in resolving the Facebook problem “this page isn’t eligible for a username.” The situation is different for personal and commercial Facebook sites. Setting the username for a personal page is significantly simpler than setting the username for a commercial page. Because there are additional standards and regulations to follow on business pages, they require a proper admin.

There will always be a plethora of tutorials available, some of which may or may not be useful. As a result, we have attempted to provide you with the finest solution available. So, the next time this problem arises, you may absolutely attempt these strategies to address it.

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