If you look for Windows 8.1 pro product key on the internet, So you’ve come to the right place today because I’m going to share with you the most recent Windows 8.1 product key, which is updated every day on my blog, so you don’t have to go to another site to get your requirements met. So let’s get started with the Windows 8 key information. Windows 10 has many editions, but the most popular is Windows 8.1 Pro (Professional) Many sites give a Product key without properly working so, don’t worry about providing you with a tested key. I personally used our collection from Windows Buyer to share with many users.

What Is Windows 8.1 Product Key?

A product key for Windows 8.1 is a 25-character code used by Microsoft to activate your copy of Windows. You will be unable to activate your operating system if you do not have a serial key. If you bought a Windows 8.1 key, your Windows 8.1 activation key should be in the DVD/CD packaging. If you don’t recall your Windows 8.1 product key, you can attempt a different way to activate Windows 8.1.

The code is as follows:


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Features You’ll Find On Windows 8.1

Before you attempt a Windows 8.1 product key from this page, let’s take a look at some of Windows 8.1’s unique features that you won’t find in Windows 8. These are the elements that set the two operating systems apart. They are as follows:

  • Apps that have been upgraded
  • New music and video applications
  • An enhanced version of Internet Explorer A power shell upgrade that improves security and stability
  • SkyDrive
  • System-wide search has been improved.
  • The app store has been upgraded, and the majority of the issues have been removed.
  • enhanced user interface
  • More personalization
  • There will be no more difficulties with live tile resizing or application snapping.
  • 3D printing is supported.
  • Resilient File System Support (ReFS)
  • DirectX 11.2 is supported.

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How To Find Your Windows 8.1 Product Key

Your Windows 8.1 product key can be found in the following locations:

  • If you buy a computer that already has Windows 8.1 installed, you should be able to discover your Windows 8.1 activation key on a sticker on the machine.
  • If you buy a computer from an authorized dealer and you can’t see the label, ask the vendor for the Windows 8.1 product key.
  • If you purchase a copy of Windows 8 or 8.1 on a CD or DVD, the serial key should be located on a card inside the box.
  • When you buy Windows 8 or 8.1 online, you will receive an email confirmation (via the email address you provided at the time of purchase). It will include your Windows 8 product key as well as other information including your billing address, purchase number, and a link to the Windows 8 or 8.1 installation.
  • If you previously installed Windows 8 or 8.1 using a serial key but can’t find it, you may recover it using a variety of online software applications, such as PassFab Product Key Recovery.

Ways To Download Window 8.1 Product Key

The procedures below should be taken in order to obtain the Windows 8.1 Product key.

  • First and foremost, the Windows 8.1 product key finder must be downloaded. The file should be stored in the correct location once it has been downloaded.
  • After that, simply double-click the zip folder to have instant access to pkeyui.exe. file.
  • To begin the installation procedure, double-click the executable file.
  • After completing all of the preceding procedures, the 25-digit lengthy code will be shown.

Users are instructed to replicate the Windows 8.1 product key exactly as it is. While utilizing the activation key, the letters and numbers should not be altered. If a user is unable to locate the Microsoft 8.1 product key, he should contact Microsoft to fix the issue and request a replacement. If you encounter the warning “Windows 8.1 product key not functioning,” your only choice is to return to the page and repeat the procedure for fresh activation, or just buy it.

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List Of Windows 8.1 Product/Serial Keys 2021


Windows 8.1 DVD Keys 2021


Windows 8.1 Ultimate Product Keys


Windows 8.1 Pro Product Key


Windows 8.1 Enterprise Keys


Windows 8.1 Serial Keys


Windows 8.1 System Requirements

Before you can use the product key, your machine must be capable of running Windows 8.1. The following are the system requirements for the operating system:

  • Processor speed of 1GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • 200GB of hard disk space
  • Graphics devices capable of supporting DirectX-9 (onboard or dedicated)

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How Do I Activate Windows 8.1 Offline?

  • To launch Run, press Windows + R. Type SLUI4 in the Run box and press Enter. This will open a window with your installation ID and contact information.
  • Select your nation or area.
  • Dial the number displayed on the screen.
  • Over the phone, enter the installation ID.
  • When prompted, select option “1” to confirm that you have only installed one copy of Windows 8.1 with this license. You will be given a confirmation ID; click the activate button to activate your copy of Windows 8.1.

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