When it comes to bathroom renovation, most of the people consider their bathrooms as the only place in their home to relax where they can just take a deep sigh of relief. Lying in your bathtub, helps you in feeling better. So upgrading your old bathroom would not be a bad idea as it’s the most important thing to consider during renovation. With the minimum expense you can make the place perfect and better.

Beneficial Tips;

This article shall provide you with the information you may require before starting off your bathroom renovation project with better and innovative ideas which you have been ignoring.

Budget Estimation

  • Remember to always make a list of stuff that you have to buy, sell and upgrade during your renovation and make a checklist where you need to work more/less.Sticking to the budget throughout the project helps a lot in money management and helps saving up.

Ambiance & Lighting

  • People prefer average stuff and do not pay much attention to the lightning system. You can save up on your utility bills as well with use of LEDs. Prefer choosing a lightning system that makes your place glow more with low bills. Dull lightning systems decrease the market value of your bathroom. But some people prefer dull and low lighting so it’s all up to you.

Toilet Placement

  • You do not wish that the toilet is the first thing that someone sees when they open up the door as it may give a dirty and an untidy look. Using a hidden tank toilet can be the perfect solution. It looks more elegant and less space consuming as well. Try to get the best toilet size for you so you don’t feel uncomfortable using it.

Floor tiles

  • If you are also willing to change the tile pattern of your bathroom then the following tips are for you. Remember to use small textured tiles for your shower area. This is because they prevent falling when your feet are wet exactly they are known as anti-slip tiles. And the tiles should be installed at a level that water flushes itself rather than you wiping all the water off. If you are going to install a shower do the same thing with it.


  • A window in your bathroom is not a good idea to many people. But the most beautiful bathrooms are always left behind due to the humidity in them. To stop this humidity a window is essential in the shower area so that it does not have a suffocating environment it should be airy as much as possible

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