When registering for an Outlook or Hotmail account, Microsoft may ask for a phone number. If this occurs, you can still create an Outlook account without a phone number by following the steps outlined below.

Without A Phone Number, You Can Create An Outlook Account.

Microsoft typically utilizes a Captcha test to identify human users and only asks for a phone number if it suspects numerous user accounts being created in a short period of time.

You may be identified by this system and requested to enter a phone number even if you are not creating numerous accounts.

If Microsoft is seeking a phone number for some unexplained reason, you can use the ways listed below to get around the phone verification page.

The methods listed below are ordered in order of their ease of use. If the first few techniques don’t work, make sure you attempt all of them.

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Method #1: Clear Browser Cache And Restart Router

The reason for Phone verification rather than the regular Captcha test could be that your IP address is on Microsoft’s list of questionable IP addresses.

The simplest approach to get around this restriction is to restart your WiFi modem/router and receive a new IP address.

You should also clear your browser cache to get rid of any cached cookies that may be linked to your IP address and online behavior.

To begin, clear your browser cache by following the instructions in this article: How to Clear Chrome Browser Cache.

Then, using the instructions in this article: How to Reboot Router and Modem, reset your WiFi router.

Try creating a Microsoft Account again after completing the preceding steps, and you should be able to create an Outlook account without a phone number this time.

Method #2: Make Use Of The Outlook App

When utilizing the Outlook app instead of the Outlook website, users have reported being able to establish an Outlook account without providing a phone number.

Install the Outlook app on your smartphone and try creating an account from there.

Method #3: Give It Another Shot Later

If Microsoft requests your phone number, simply close the browser tab and try again in an hour or the next day.

Because the requirement for Phone Numbers is most likely designed to prevent bots and automated programs from creating several Outlook Accounts in a short period of time, this should work.

So, if you’re prompted to input a phone number, wait a few hours before creating an account.

If you need to create an email account right away and can’t wait a few hours, use the fourth method listed below.

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Method #4: Get In Touch With Microsoft’s Customer Service.

If none of the techniques above worked, you’ll have to contact Microsoft support and explain that you don’t have a phone number to authenticate your account.

Other techniques (chat or email) will be used by Microsoft support to verify that you are a human when you contact them.

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You can contact Microsoft help through this link, or you can Google “Microsoft support” and go from there.

Note: When speaking with Microsoft Support, you’ll be dealing with Microsoft Virtual Agent at first.

Continue conversing with the virtual agent until you see an opportunity to speak with a real person.

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