Is prohibited in your school, nation, or computer? If is blocked on your computer, you may be able to access it using this web proxy server. Visit prohibited websites without installing third-party software or changing browser settings. To unblock access to and surf the Internet anonymously, click the “Unblock Website” button.

This post will assist you in locating the best free VPN for torrenting. In this post, we will discuss if torrenting is appropriate for women if a VPN is required for torrenting, how to connect to a free VPN, and other topics. Piracy is not only illegal, but it is also detrimental to our society. The Internet as a whole is extremely vulnerable to fraud and other undesirable behaviors, such as disruptive DDoS assaults, cyberstalking, identity theft, spamming, and other such ills.

ExtraTorrents featured an enormous collection of magnet links and torrent links for a wide range of materials. The torrent site’s powerful search capabilities were one of its standout features. Nothing was impossible to create by putting in the Extratorrents search box.

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Try Other Web Proxies

If this web proxy fails, you can try other web proxy servers, such as,, or, to see if you can access using those other web proxies. Some websites may block the IP address of popular web proxies; in this situation, simply replace the web proxy with a new one and see whether it works. Keep in mind that web proxies have various restrictions; for example, they do not completely handle javascript files or Ajax-based websites.

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Reset Proxy Settings

In rare situations, you may be unable to access because a web toolbar or adware has altered your web browser’s proxy settings. So you might attempt to reset the web browser’s proxy and then try to access the page again to check whether it works properly. In general, proxy settings may be found in the web browser’s options page under “Advanced” -> “Network” or “Connections” -> “LAN Settings.” Make sure the option “No proxy” is enabled, or untick the option that utilizes a proxy.

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