The top torrent websites on the internet are downloaded by Torrent. For many decades, the website has provided access to all the newest TV shows, movies, music, games, software, anime, books, etc. The material on the website is extremely extensive and in a matter of seconds, you will get fresh releases of movies and apps. Although the finest sites are diminishing day by day, millions of people still regularly view our page for free download.

How To Unblock TorrentDownloads Using VPN

  1. Download and install your pc using VPN software
  2. Click on one of the torrentz2 proxies/mirrors after the VPN is activated.
  3. You may navigate your favorite torrents free of charge on the Torrentdownloads home page.

Why Use TorrentDownloads Proxy And Mirror Sites?

TorrentDownloads Proxy and Mirror Sites are mostly beneficial to the ability to access their original TorrentDownloads website. TorrentDownloads via proxies and mirrors are readily available to download your favorite TV programs, movies and documentaries.

In addition, the necessity to utilize VPN to go to this website is avoided by TorrentDownloads mirror sites. Finally, if this site is banned in your region, intermediate sites of TorrentDownload are also helpful.

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Best Torrent Downloads Alternatives In 2021

1: LimeTorrents

It is a very young torrent site, LimeTorrents. He’s not that well-known. However, the list of suggestions deserves to be high. There are numerous bogus websites that claim to be LimeTorrents as a minor issue. Actually, just virus software is downloaded for you. is a genuine website featured in the proposal. The web design seems fairly old, but no nervous pop-ups or announcements. For more than 10 years, LimeTorrents has supplied customers with numerous certified torrent files. A decent alternative may rightly be regarded. Efficiency and productivity continue at the same level in terms of quality.


For over ten years RARBG has been involved in the business and has attracted a large number of people around the globe. This service is used by 25 million people a month. The top services suggested by users are listed. RARBG may be limited and not a vast collection of torrents. However, safety and quality are the basis of the reputation of the service. High-quality torrents of popular TV programs that recently debuted on the platform may always be found. Popular games and applications may also be downloaded here.


This was launched in 2003 as a Finnish metasearch engine. In August 2016, it was dissolved as the second most popular torrent site for film and media enthusiasts. If running for 13 years with the user-friendly basic UI.

In 2011, Torrentz.EU began. The present URL is one of the clones or spiegel sites established in 2016, indexed for more than 60 million torrents at the first level. The site was shut down from July 2020, however, and a backup domain operated until November 2021.

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One of the most successful torrent search engines and directories is one of the most secure websites, where pornographic material is not allowed. It is very easy to use with over 10 million active materials, including films, music, games, TV programs, and more.

The website is a peer-to-peer website, therefore it has a sluggish download problem when the ancient torrent is no longer in use. The site provides the opportunity to register yourself or use it as a visitor, at no cost.

5: The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a torrent website for users that allows users to obtain torrent files for film, music, games, books, software, and more. It is claimed that The Pirate Bay is the main site for virtually free torrent sites.

The Pirate Bay has just one disadvantage: it does not give the users the meta-link. Whenever users attempt to download torrents, they are immediately caught by the torrent client rather than receiving the download file. The consumer then has to download the product straight from The Pirate Bay.

6: is a gigantic torrent service for downloading and posting torrents and downloading meta links. This allows users to download through a torrent client or any download manager.

KAT is a separate torrent search engine that provides all kinds of torrent files. It has its torrent direction and never gives torrent to the other suppliers of torrents. is the primary benefit of having the freshest and newest material among those few top sites.

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7: Zooqle

Zooqle has 172,000 TV episodes and 38,000 movies with an extensive data source. It’s got anything the banner wants. It has a large and intriguing interface, although it can still be used easily. Zooqle has also a “my registration” box that notifies you, when you ticked it, of your favorite displays.

Please ensure, however, that you are attached to the fastest VPN when the Adblocker function advertises you. By clicking around, a lot of pop-ups are created and customers are frustrated. Remove the stress with the function of ad blocker from FastestVPN, while delighted with what Zooqle offers to video games and digital books other than TV shows.


Many countries ban torrents, as you know, therefore it is difficult to access the through direct connections. Users have searched for miroir sites and TorrentDownloads proxy pages to get unblocked material for TorrentDownloads, after it was banned by governments worldwide. We listed some of the greatest downloads of Torrent in this article. I am unblocking torrent site using proxy and mirror sites and some other websites and news. We hope you found this post useful and were able to get for a few films and television programs.

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