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Sell Aflac From Home: Is It Worth It In This Economy?

His sales pitch was to get as many people to sell Aflac from home as possible.

I thought it was a little fishy back then.

I imagined unscrupulous agents preying on the innocent, trying to rob them blind.

That it’s a legitimate company and not a pyramid scheme.

I also know they sell solid financial products that will help people get through tough times.

Aflac invented supplemental insurance and a novel way to sell it.

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True Trailblazers!

If you’ve considered selling insurance for “THE DUCK,” keep reading to learn more.

I’ll show you how lucrative being an independent contractor for this company can be.

I’m sure you’ve seen their ads because they used to be all over TV.

There was no way out unless you were Matt Damon and stranded on Mars.

From Bangor, Maine to Sacramento, California, the company was everywhere, relentlessly hawking their supplemental insurance service.

They may be advertising less now, but the relentless blitz of duck commercials has paid off handsomely.

This makes them the largest supplemental health insurance provider in the country.

Supplemental health insurance, for those unfamiliar, provides services that regular health insurance does not.

Among these advantages are:

  • Emergency room visits
  • Short-term disability
  • Cancer treatments
  • Dental treatments and exams
  • Hospital stays
  • Chronic illnesses

Expenses that primary insurance does not cover, such as deductibles and copayments, can quickly add up after an unfortunate personal event.

Also, supplemental insurance ensures that the employee doesn’t go without groceries, gas, car payments, or rent.

In short, Aflac works closely with businesses to fill insurance coverage gaps.

Aflac has a reputation for paying out these claims quickly, sometimes in one day.

If you sell Aflac, you can become a strategic advisor to businesses and their employees.

Remember that you’re in business to help local business owners.

Never, ever consider what you’re doing a scam.

This mindset keeps your efforts focused on helping others, and you’ll feel much better about what you’re doing.

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Make sure to take advantage of the AFLAC University program and to BE AWARE OF YOUR POLICIES. AFLAC is a product that is simple to sell. … It is in fact a… I compare it to a real estate agent who is trying to sell a house.

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