Because we love our sweet but very hairy dogs so much, chances are you have dog hair everywhere on your clothing and the rest of the house. That means in addition to clumps of dog hair ending up on everything from your favorite jacket to your living room couch, you have probably also noticed a buildup of dog hair in your laundry machine and dryer. Don’t worry! We have plenty of great tips to help prevent dog hair from building up, like using a dual pet hair grooming and remover brush and running your dry clothing through the dryer first before you even wash your clothes. Keep reading to learn more about these easy hacks to remove dog hair from your laundry. 

  • Remove Pet Hair with a Grooming Brush — Before you even put your clothing in the wash, remove any pet hair from your clothing before it goes inside your washer and dryer. Use the best pet hair remover to remove excess fur from your jackets, shirts, and other articles of clothing that have your furry friend’s hair all over them. When you remove hair from your clothing before washing or drying it, it will reduce the amount of dog hair that ends up in your laundry. That means less dog hair to have to clean out of your laundry machines!
  • Run Your Clothing Through the Dryer FIRST — It may seem counterintuitive, but you’ll actually want to run your clothing through the dryer before you wash them. Most people see dog hair on their clothing and immediately throw them in the wash. Instead, you’ll want to use a pet hair remover to help remove any excess pet hair from your clothing. Then, loosen up any remaining pet hair even more by running the clothing through a dryer cycle. After doing that, you can wash and dry your clothes as you normally would.
  • Use Special Pet Hair Dryer Sheets — Another little trick you can do to help remove dog hair from your laundry is to use special pet hair dryer sheets. These dryer sheets are specially formulated to target pet hair. That way, there will be less pet hair on your clothing and your laundry machines.

  • Put Reusable Silicone Fur Catchers in Your Washer and Dryer — In addition to catching dog hair, a reusable silicone fur catcher can also help pick up long hair. If you’re a pet parent with long hair, this is a great solution to help with the buildup of human hair in the laundry machine, too! An important thing to note: don’t use the fur catcher with fabric softener or dryer sheets. The static of the dryer sheets will stick to the fur catchers. However, you can still use the fur catcher with dryer balls.
  • Dry Your Clothing with Wool Dryer Balls — Dryer balls are a great multipurpose tool for removing dog hair from the laundry. They’re reusable balls made of wool that can prevent wrinkles in your clothing while also loosening pet hair. The balls soften your clothes, thereby loosening all that extra dog hair from your clothing. Plus, you’ll save time and money with wool balls that promote airflow in your dryer so that you won’t have to dry your clothing for as long.
  • Routinely Groom Your Pet — When you routinely groom your dog, you’ll not only have a great bonding sesh with your four-legged friend, but you’ll also be removing excess pet hair from their coat. Remove old fur from not only Fido but also your clothing, furniture, and other fixtures at home, like your carpets and rugs, with a handy tool like the Uproot Cleaner Pro. This dual pet hair grooming and remover brush will help remove dog hair from your dog and your clothing, leading to less overall hair than what ends up in your laundry basket in the first place. 
  •  Prevent Your Dryer Vents from Clogging — According to Maytag, it’s important to practice preventative measures when grooming your dog and taking care of your washing and drying machine. One thing you should actively do is prevent your dryer vents from clogging by cleaning the lint trap every time you dry your clothes. By getting into the habit of cleaning your lint trap each time and removing any excess lint — including pet hair — from your dryer, you’ll be preventing your dryer vents from clogging with too much debris and pet hair. You’ll also help prevent your dryer from accidentally catching on fire since lint is such a flammable substance. 

By using any or even all of these tips, you’re much closer to having a pet hair-free load of laundry the next time you need to run your machine. The best thing you can do is take preventative measures, like routinely grooming your dog with a dog hair remover brush. That way, there will be much less pet hair to worry about in the first place when you go to wash that fave shirt of yours.

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