Here you can find information about the PUBG Mobile Season 19 release date, Royal Pass rewards, leaks, and everything else related to the upcoming season of PUBG Mobile. The 3rd Anniversary Edition of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds premiered with Season 18 on March 15, 2021, in a big way. However, while players are now in the thick of season 18 gameplay, they are eagerly expecting the release of the PUBG Mobile season 19 update. It will only be a matter of weeks before users are introduced to the new Royale Pass game. There has been an update to the Hundred Rhythms theme that allows users to advance through the ranks and shop from a huge range of merchandise. The following day, at the start of a new season, all of the ranks gained will be reset, and the awards accumulated during the season will be extended for an additional day.

Pubg Mobile Season 19 will be released in a few weeks, and we’ve gathered information on release dates and RPs from different verified leaks in order to compile a comprehensive list of all of the leaked information and rumors. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today! Now is the time to take a look at all of the latest PUBG Mobile Season 19 Royale Pass leaked information.

The Release Date For Pubg Mobile Season 19 Has Been Set.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game, each PUBG mobile season lasts around 8 weeks or 2 months. PUBg Mobile Season 18, which will be published on March 15, 2021, will also run for around 2 months during its cycle. In other words, it should come to an end on May 15. The Royale Pass part offers the same information as well. All players in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are aware that the RP area will be unavailable for about 24 hours during the transition from Season 18 to Season 19. No missions, or even claim reward points, will be allowed to be completed by any of the two players.

However, this time is a little more thrilling for fans because the Season 18 Royale Pass and the PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary theme have both been published at the same time, making for a more exciting time for everyone.

So, assuming everything goes according to plan, the PUBG Mobile Season 19 Update will be released on May 17-18, which is approximately 2 weeks from now.

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Reward Points For Pubg Mobile Season 19

The most important aspect of the world’s highest-grossing Battle Royale game is its worldwide fan base, which is expanding at an alarming rate. The main reason for the increase in popularity is the high-definition gaming experience and numerous possibilities, as well as the versatility of the game’s modes and map selection. In addition, the level system drives players to achieve higher rankings in each game.

The game’s developers have also taken care to ensure that it does not get monotonous. Each new season brings with it new challenges and rewards, such as player avatars, armament, weapon skins, and other items, among other things.

In this regard, Pubg Mobile’s Season 19 release is no exception. There is always a sense of excitement about discovering the unknown, which gives rise to leaks and rumors. As has been the case on numerous other instances, the majority of verifiable leaks from previous Royale Pass seasons have proven to be accurate.

We’ve compiled a list of the most recent PUBG Mobile Season 19 RP Rewards to hit the market. Take a look at the list below; you might find some of the items on it that you’ve been looking for for a while.

According to the elements that have leaked, the upcoming PUBG mobile season could be themed after the Japanese spring season.

The Conqueror Tier Rewards For Season 19 Are As Follows:

The Conqueror tier reward is the most prestigious in the Conqueror reward category. There is a lot of rivalry for one of these positions. Only the top 500 players on each server are eligible for this prize, which is awarded to only one person per server. To be eligible for this level, the player must have completed the Ace level previously. Additionally, there are three additional Conqueror level rewards: the Conqueror frame from season 19, the Conqueror name tag from season 19, and the Conqueror title from season 19. Every level reward Conqueror possesses the right to a Mythic entry effect as well as 2,000 Silver Shards for the player who holds it.

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The Season 19 Ace Tier Reward For Pubg Mobile

Because of the high level of competition, the PUBG Mobile Season 19 Ace Tier Reward is regarded to be the hardest of all the rewards to obtain in Season 19. The leaked image suggests that the Ace Tier Reward is yet another parachute with a seasonal motif. Those who reach the Ace rank will receive the Ace Parachute from Season 19 as well as 1,600 Silver Shards. Players that meet the requirements will receive the Season 19 Ace Title Name Tag as well as the Legendary Team Entry Effect.

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The Crown Tier Reward For Pubgm Season 19

The Crown Tier award will assist in elevating the player’s position to the top of the leaderboard. Three Rank Protection Cards will be added to this tier reward to make it a more comprehensive package. One of the most secure bets is that the categorization protection card will act as a safety net in the event of death during the early stages of the disease. When the player is active, all negative level RPs are removed completely.

Crown Tier, in addition to its primary offering, also includes the Pubg Mobile Season 18 Crown nametag, epic gear entering effect, and 1,300 Silver Shards, among other things.

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