Is it time to remodel your kitchen space? Many homeowners don’t know when they should remodel their kitchen spaces.

Is Kitchen Remodeling A Luxury?

No, kitchen remodeling isn’t a luxury as many people would want to think it is. Most kitchen spaces require remodeling to enhance functionality, which is a core kitchen requirement. However, some additions like installing matte black kitchen cabinets work to improve aesthetics. This is why many people think that kitchen remodeling is a luxury.

Target Areas For Remodeling

When it is time for remodeling, the following kitchen areas should be your target:


The embodiment of kitchen remodeling is cabinetry. A good set of kitchen cabinets is all that you need to start your kitchen renovation.

There are two aspects that your cabinetry should cover during remodeling i.e. aesthetics and function. Installing matte black kitchen cabinets can cover the aesthetic function of cabinetry because they are beautiful. But you should also think about your storage needs to cater to the functional needs of your kitchen space.

Remember, cabinetry will consume a large part of your kitchen remodeling budget, thus, you should plan for it first. Think about the best kitchen cabinetry ideas that you can have for your kitchen space and style. Pinterest and kitchen magazines can be great places to find inspiration.


Another key focus area is the kitchen wall. It’s always about the wall color when remodeling this kitchen aspect. Think about the existing color and if you want to keep it or change it.

Keeping it means that you will repaint the same color to give your walls a refreshed look. Changing it comes with a new feel but must be thought of because it will impact other kitchen elements.

You should be mindful of the wall colors against the cabinets. There should be synchronization of the two to make it beautiful. If you are installing matte black kitchen cabinets, your kitchen walls should be bright to contrast with the cabinets.

Work Triangle 

Your work triangle has to be functional. There are just two things that you must consider i.e. proximity and space.

The three elements of a kitchen’s work triangle (the sink, the refrigerator, and the gas) must be close to each other yet have enough space between them for swift movement. Working with a designer can help you find the right design for your kitchen’s work triangle.

Getting Started…

You can start with the most important areas but have a wholesome idea of where your kitchen remodeling is headed.

Your budget should define the scope of the remodeling project.


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