With many of us spending more time at home, the idea of upgrading our spaces to better fit our needs and wants comes naturally. However, as inviting as your soft sofa and plush throw may be, we all need to get outside in the fresh air for both our physical and mental health. Why not expand our home upgrades onto our patios, balconies, and yards? If you’re lucky enough to have a private outdoor space, consider some (or all) of these tips to transform your yard into your new favorite hang out spot.

Get nice outdoor furniture

Be honest- are you still holding onto those nasty, uncomfortable folding chairs that you inherited from a friend that was planning to throw them out? It’s time for an upgrade. Choose your outdoor furniture with durability in mind. Especially with seating, make sure all the materials are water-resistant to ensure they won’t get rusty or moldy. The Charming Bench Company has great options for both small and large spaces. If you have a spacious covered porch or patio, their swing bedsare an incredible way to make your outdoor space as cozy as your living room. Or, you could design a gorgeous outdoor dining area so the whole family can enjoy meals in nature.

Plant A Little Garden

Not only do studies show that gardening can boost your mood, but some even suggest that it can help your long-term heart health and reduce the risk of dementia! Adding flowers, greenery or even a small vegetable garden to your outdoor space is a great way to spend the extra time we now have at home. If you live in a smaller space or an apartment, consider an herb garden in small pots that can be easily moved in and out as the weather changes.

Invest In Shades Or Covers

While a simple umbrella works well in most yards and patios, a more substantial outdoor shade could help elevate your space. In addition to providing privacy and less unwanted sun exposure while you’re lounging outside, but it can also prevent glare in your indoor spaces. Be sure to measure your space to ensure the shade is the perfect size for your yard or patio. And if you aren’t into DIY, there are many vendors that can install a custom shade for your space. For yards without a covered patio or trees to provide shade, consider a pergola for both function and fashion.

Add Mood Lighting

There’s a reason restaurants adorn their outdoor patios with cafe lights; it provides a relaxing and ethereal ambiance. There’s no need to save your string lights for the holiday season- grab a set that stays twinkling in your yard all year long. It’s one of the easiest upgrades you can do yourself, with tons of options online. Compare different styles and sizes and choose one that best matches your existing decor and personal style. If you’re worried about increasing your electric bill, check out solar-powered options for an eco-friendly and energy-efficient solution!

Look Into A Speaker System

Now that we’ve covered lighting, it’s time to complete your yard’s chill ambiance with your favorite music! If you already have a Bluetooth speaker, grab it, and craft a perfect playlist. But, if you really want to go all-in on upgrading your space, there are awesome outdoor speaker systems that can provide a surround sound experience on your private patio. Just be sure not to bother your neighbors with your tunes!

Bring The Heat

Colder winter months don’t have to keep you from enjoying your backyard. There’s no need to build an outdoor fireplace, just find a fire pit that fits your space. A wood-burning pitis a fantastic option for family s’more night! If fires seem too risky or your space is on the smaller side, try a compact outdoor space heater.

Outdoor spaces are often forgotten in conversations about upgrading our spaces and elevating our homes. But our yards, patios, and porches can be as inviting as any indoor space, and the options above are simple ways to achieve a more luxurious yard. And if you are feeling cooped up at home, these upgrades provide the opportunity to create new spaces that make your yard feel like a relaxing oasis.


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