Your bathroom is your safe haven, a private and comforting space. It’s the place where you prepare for the day ahead or relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. Therefore, you want this space to be cosy, inviting and functional.

With this in mind, whether you’re moving into a new home or giving your existing bathroom a makeover, choosing the perfect decor and design is essential to create a space you’ll love.

The tricky part is choosing the right theme, colour scheme and accessories to create this welcoming environment.

So, if you’re looking for a new theme for your bathroom this year, you’ve come to the right place. In the guide below, we’ll share some of our top tips on how to choose your bathroom theme, so you can ensure you create the perfect space.

Get Inspired By Your Own Style

The first thing you should do is take some inspiration from your own personal style. This gives you a good starting point and can help to narrow down your style choices. Take a look around the rest of your home and think about whether you want your bathroom to be in keeping with other colour schemes, units and decor.

You can also take a look at any existing furniture or accessories you have, how will these fit in?

You could even take a look through your wardrobe or on your shelves and think about what colours you favour or any shapes involved. For example, do you prefer neutral shades and sleek curved edges or do you like bold colours, sharp lines and geometric patterns?

Doing this can help you to get a head start on choosing the theme for your bathroom. And ultimately, this is important as this is your space and needs to reflect who you are and what makes you happy.

Measure Your Room

Another thing you should do early on to help you select your theme is to measure your bathroom precisely. This way, you can pay mind to the size of the room and ensure you choose units, accessories and an overall style that will complement this.

For example, if you’ve only got a small space, light colours, big mirrors and space-saving units like floating sinks can help you to get the most from the room.

Visit A Showroom

To really get a feel for what’s out there and some of the themes and furniture you could have, it’s a good idea to visit a bathroom showroom.

By going to an actual showroom, you can see what the room might look like in reality and begin to get an idea for colour schemes and bathroom suites that might fit within your theme. You can also see the quality of these goods and decide whether they meet your tastes and requirements.

Having the exact measurements will also stand you in good stead at this stage, as you’ll be able to get a better understanding of what furniture will fit best within your space.

Go Online

As well as physical showrooms, you can also explore virtual showrooms online. Again, this can help you to get a better sense of the space and to explore the themes and bathroom furniture you can choose from.

But it doesn’t end with online showrooms, there are plenty of other resources that can help you with your theme. Any online images can be helpful, but you can explore online interior design publications and even run a simple image search on Google to find inspiration.

Finally, you have the online platform that is Pinterest. This can be the ideal way to gather ideas, but also to save and categorise these to keep them organised and easily accessible.

With thousands of images to browse through, you’re sure to find some inspiration for your bathroom theme.

Always Be On The Lookout

You don’t just have to go to a bathroom or home-specific showroom to get inspired and help you choose a theme. You also don’t have to rely on internet searches. In fact, there is inspiration all around you on a daily basis and you should always be on the lookout for ideas.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled when flicking through magazines or brochures, you could even cut out any good ideas and save them for later.

Bathroom Theme Ideas: All you Need to Know

Not only this, but always look around you when visiting new places. This could be a restaurant, hotel or even a friend’s house. You can take pictures and save these ideas on your phone to inspire your decor decisions.

Choose One Item Or Aspect You Love

You might have already decided on some aspects of your bathroom and you can then build your theme around this.

What we mean by this is if you’ve found a sink fitting, mirror, shower screen, vanity unit, etc. that you really like, you can use this as the centre of your design ideas. This might also apply to tiles or a particular paint colour that you’ve found and fallen in love with.

Whatever it is that you already have and love, take a careful look at the colours, patterns, textures and materials in these items. This can help to influence the rest of your theme.

For example, if you’ve got a beautiful brass sink fitting or dainty patterned tiles, these can be a helpful starting point for the rest of the room. Start by thinking about what other colours, shapes and accessories will complement these and work from there.

Take Your Time

Our final tip is to make sure that you take your time when choosing your theme. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and there’s no reason you should rush this decision. After all, you don’t want to make a mistake or pick a theme that you quickly fall out of love with.

Interior design trends will come and go, so it’s a good idea to spend time thinking carefully about your decisions and possibly even opting for timeless colours, units and accessories.

By using our tips above, you can ensure you pick a theme for your bathroom that you’re sure to love for years to come.


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