Crunchyroll is a popular website with a wide range of the latest animations to which a user has free access. It is an excellent source of the latest anime series, which animation lovers enjoy watching. The extensive catalog of anime attracts worldwide animators to visit this website.

This website is a user-friendly official source for different anime, dorama, and manga created in 2006. Nearly 50 million anime lovers worldwide watch this website anime. You can view limited anime free of charge on this website and also get an option to use a premium account.

You can watch free anime episodes on the website via online streaming. However, you may not have a free account to use all of the features of this website. You may buy the premium membership to enjoy ad-free streaming of the newest anime series at a reasonable price.

Unique Features

On this website, there are several unique features that make it so popular these days. The following features can be observed when you access content on this website.

  • You can watch anime episodes without an internet connection whenever you like. The Crunchyroll website provides premium account users to save offline anime episodes. This unique feature is one of the main reasons behind the worldwide popularity of this website.
  • The website is one of the safest for users to view various anime episodes in HD quality. In various high-quality formats, such as 1080p and 720p, you can access the content here.
  • It offers access to a vast comic booklet of popular anime comic manga, another unique feature. A member can access various latest comics on this website. The comics are available in pdf format, which you can read easily.
  • This website offers premium user discounts and offers reasonably priced services. Many of the users of this website, therefore, have an interest in using the premium account to access all Crunchyroll website features.


You can view a wide range of courses on the Crunchyroll website. Nearly all groups of this website attract anime enthusiasts to access this website. Some of the popular categories you can find on this website are listed below.

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1. Thriller

Anime lovers are all searching for anime on the various anime websites available on the internet in this category. But few animated websites contain an extensive collection of thriller anime, one of which is Crunchyroll. The newest thriller anime is available on this site in HD quality and can be enjoyed by an anime lover via online streaming.

2. Drama

Most adolescents and adults enjoy watching anime in this category. You can find out on this website some great anime series that belong to the category of drama. Some popular anime are available, like Total Eclipse, school days, strange ones, etc.

3. Mystery

This category of anime is always sought by mystery lovers on different internet sites. This website offers these anime lovers a large collection of anime content related to the mystery. You can click the mystery category option to view the anime on this website.

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Crunchyroll Alternatives

1. Netflix

Netflix, the world’s popular video streaming site, is continuing to increase its anime content at an unparalleled rate.

Netflix also got a big result with its original anime series such as Castlevania, Devilman Crybaby, and B, a start that has been widely applauded by the audience since its inception.

Netflix also has a wider range of live content, with many of the popular live animations such as Dragon Ball Super, Fullmetal Alchemy Brotherhood, and My Hero Academy.

Netflix lets you watch anime and other content on up to four devices simultaneously. That means your anime binge-watching can go all day without worrying about the feeling left out in the house.

Netflix is also one of the few major streaming services supporting offline viewing that allows users to download a show to view it later.

This Crunchyroll option comes with monthly or yearly subscriptions and offers US subscribers an ad-free experience from $9 a month to $18 for the premium plan.

The subscription cost of Netflix varies depending on the country from which you access it. In all regions, some anime series and movies may not be available due to licensing agreements or language barriers.

If there is anything wrong with this Crunchyroll alternative, however, Funimation does not offer live-action content.

But if you are looking for a good anime streaming service with a wide range of titles, Netflix is even a great choice for the slow internet user.

2. Hulu

Hulu was founded in 2007 and is another good Crunchyroll alternative. It offers free online anime streaming with ads and several paying services.

Hulu has an impressive anime catalog from several genres, including action, romance, comedy, horror, and even ecchi. If you want to binge on anime, Hulu is perfect for you.

It contains both subbed and doubted anime options, but you can also customize your Hulu preferences. Most popular anime movies and series are on the streaming site, but perhaps some of the niche series are not available. It offers a large catalog of cults such as Hunter X Hunter, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, Fruits Basket, and Trigun, for fans of die-hard anime.

Although some of the anime is free to view Hulu ads, others may require Hulu+ to view all episodes. It costs 12 dollars a month.

Like Crunchyroll, Hulu offers its service free of charge. This makes Hulu a great option if you want to try out various streaming platforms before committing to them.

One thing to note is that Hulu has a lot to offer including television shows and movies, but Crunchyroll does not offer simulcast and live-action.

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3. Animestreams

Another brilliant website is Animestreams. tv, where you can stream and download anime content. You can download and stream your favorite anime shows in HD resolution here free of charge. Again, the interface of this site is extremely well-designed and user-friendly so that people can navigate this site very easily. Secondly, the anime collection of the website is categorized by its genre, language, etc. so that people can find out their desired content. This is the best place to enjoy anime content and relax boredom. Almost all languages, like drama, romance, adventure, anime series, etc, are available in anime content.


The above-mentioned Crunchyrol alternatives may not have the same extensive list of anime titles as the Crunchyroll, but it is all worth checking out before deciding what option will best suit your needs. We hope you will avoid common falls by reading this article when selecting an anime streaming site. With these tips in mind, nothing should prevent you from seeing what you want online.

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