Attack on Titan Season 4 will continue with Episode 17 airing on NHK General TV in January 2022, after the conclusion of the current season. The episode is titled “Danzai,” and fans are thinking that it is a continuation of the events that happened near the conclusion of AOT Season 4 Episode 16.

Assuming that the series will continue to air during its earlier programming block in Japan (at 12:10 a.m. (JST) on Monday on NHK General TV), Episode 76 will most likely be available on streaming sites Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu on Sunday, according to our sources. More information about AOT Season 4 English Dub may be found here. Premium members on all three platforms may expect Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season Episode 17 English Subs to be released on one of two dates: either Sunday, January 9th or Sunday, January 16th, 2022, according to speculation. And they are absolutely right.

The official AOT Twitter account shocked fans today, October 13th, with a new promotional video, which included the announcement of the film’s release date. Eren and Armored Titan fight it out in a brutal battle in which many previously unseen footage of different giants, such as Ellen gigantic, can be seen in the background. It’s worth noting that an injured Levi may also be seen in the latest teaser.

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Episodes From The Second Half Of The Last Season Of Attack On Titan

The schedule for the AOT Final season has now been confirmed by the league. However, there has been no official update on the number of episodes released. Attack On Titan Chapter 139 was published on April 9, 2021, almost two weeks after the conclusion of AOT Part 1, according to the manga’s author, Hajime Isayama. Attack on Titan Volume 34 was published on June 9, 2021, and it included the last 2 percent of the final chapter that had been waiting.

AOT Final Season Part 2 currently has 23 chapters to adapt, with zero episodes remaining to complete the season. Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1 contained 26 chapters of the manga in 16 episodes, which was released earlier this year. Based on the pace of adaptation and the number of chapters remaining, it is predicted that the finale would consist of 12-14 episodes, making it a substantial episode count.

While the last episode will undoubtedly be controversial, the first several episodes, as well as any episodes that adapt chapters 130-132 and 134, will be absolutely excellent by MAPPA’s high standards. Fans believe that because of MAPPA’s skills, the show will not run for 12 episodes since it would be hurried. Because there is a lot of action-packed content in the show, the 12-to-14-episode schedule seems to be ideal.

As a result of these estimates, AOT Part 2 will begin with Episode 76 in January and will most likely run through the end of April in 2022.

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Spoilers For Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 17 Follow.

As the narrative nears its conclusion, AOT is getting closer to the finish line. Eren will pick up where he left off in Episode 16 and continue on from there. Erne will be taken aback when Pieck points to him at the site of the infiltrators in the town and says, “You’re the one.” Jaw Titan, who appears out of nowhere and rips Eren’s legs apart, will set the tone for the action drama that will follow. The fight has begun, and it will be a hard one, as Pieck, Gabi, and the others go in search of vengeance for the events in Liberia.

Attack On Titan Season 4 English Dub Streaming On Toonami –

The Toonami TV station of Adult Swim was the first to broadcast the English dub of AOT Season 4 when it originally aired. The service was exclusively accessible to fans in the United States. It mainly broadcasts Japanese anime, as well as a few action cartoons of American origin. Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 English dub first broadcast on January 10th at 12:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (ET).

Following then, it has continued to decrease on a weekly basis. The most recent episode to air was Episode 15, “Sole Salvation,” which aired on April 25th. It occurs before to the start of Funimation broadcasts. It will air on Toonami on May 2nd at 2:30 a.m. Eastern/2:30 a.m. Pacific, which is the same time as the last episode of AOT Final Season Part 1 in English.

There has been no indication of a release date for Attack On Titan Season 4 English Dub on Hulu at this time. Unfortunately, only the English dubbed version is available for download at this time. Speculations have it that the English dub on Hulu will not broadcast until after Toonami and Funimation have finished airing their respective episodes. For better or worse, one can only hope for the best in June. Few people, however, are certain that Hulu will want to wait for Part 2 as well as Part 1.

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Detailed Recap Of Attack On Titan’s Season 4 Episode 16

“Above and Below” is the title of the episode. The two of them go to Liberio, where Eren decides to cooperate with Zeke’s euthanasia plot. Levi became aware of Zeke’s muttering after he completed talking about his background. Zeke abruptly releases the Thunder Spear that has been impaled in his body, causing an explosion that takes Levi completely by shock. Meanwhile, Hange and Floch’s party is heading towards the forest when they hear the Thunder Spear explosion and decide to investigate. They made the decision to investigate what was going on. When a female Pure Titan comes upon the dying Zeke, the woman rips open her tummy and suffocates him within. Yelena and the Volunteers are with Commander Pyxis on the opposite side of the battlefield, at Shiganshina. Because they drank poisoned wine, the military men decided to join them. The survey corps spoke about fleeing and what was going on with Eren, among other things. Yelen walked over and informed them of Zeke’s scheme. Yelen informed them that Zeke has issued a warning to disseminate Eldian sterilisation across the globe in order to prevent the birth of more Eldians who are waiting for the death of “Historia’s Child” to occur. The danger of the Titans will be removed from the human race. They will, however, utilise the Rumblings to keep other countries from interfering with their affairs. On the other hand, Eren comes across Gabi and approaches her, inviting her to collaborate with him. Pieck comes and intercedes between the two, all the while claiming to be a member of the Jaegerists. As Pieck pointed out, the Marleyans would face repercussions for their treatment of the Eldian people. She agrees to sell off her fellow people in exchange for a monetary reward. During a later scene on the rooftop, Pieck’s deception is revealed as Porco’s Jaw Titan emerges from below and attempts to consume Eren. Eren develops into the “Attack Titan,” and the Marleyan airships were able to track him down and destroy him. General Magath tells his troops that they must seek vengeance on Liberio. Eren and Reiner, on the other hand, are preparing to square off once again.

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