Anime is extremely popular right now, so what is the best way to watch all of the anime episodes for free on the internet? There are an infinite number of fantastic anime shows available; are you confident that you have seen them all? Your curiosity has piqued your interest in watching a new Ghibli film, but you are unsure of where to find a free dubbed anime streaming site in 2021!

Many people wonder whether it is safe to watch free anime online and what the best alternative to Anilinkz is. Let me tell you: it is! We have the answers to each and every one of those questions! We’ll connect you with some of the best anime streaming services available right now on the internet!

In this section, you can find almost any anime, no matter what kind of anime you like best! There are dubbed and subbed options, good quality and loading time, and everything are in one convenient location! Anilinkz is a fantastic service, but there are many better options available to you!

In 2021, we will provide you with a list of the best alternatives to Anilinkz that we have found. You should be familiar with all of them because many streaming websites are being shut down! New internet regulations are not forgiving, and your favorite streaming service provider may be as good as dead within the next few months if they do not comply. Instead of constantly searching for new alternatives, why not have them all in one convenient location?

Anilinkz is a well-known anime streaming service that offers a wide range of titles. This service provider has a large number of satisfied customers as well as a large amount of free anime just for you!

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Top Alternatives

The dark mode on is one of our favorites because it perfectly soothes the eyes of a viewer! For all you manga fans out there, the website has a lot of streaming anime as well as manga! You can register for this site, but you don’t need to do so to watch anime; it’s only for those who don’t want ads and want to download anime. You can find them on Discord and talk about your favorite anime with other fans.


There are no restrictions on what you can watch or download on Animeheaven, which is a free anime streaming website that allows you to watch and download anime series without any restrictions. In total, the site contains more than 3500 titles, which are updated on a regular basis. In order to inform you about the series and its characters, each anime series on the platform includes a brief description.

It introduces a new comment feature that allows you to engage in animated discussions with other viewers about various topics pertaining to anime. Similar to other similar sites, it offers a variety of genres, including action, adventure, horror, romantic suspense, and superpower, to name a few examples.

Additionally, each genre contains a number of different titles. On the top of the page is a search bar, which allows you to type in the name of your favorite thing, the genre, or something similar in order to find it faster. A number of distinguishing characteristics distinguish Animeheaven from the competition.

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In addition to subbed anime series, movies, manga, television drama, and soundtracks, Chia-Anime also offers a variety of other content. If you’re looking for an alternative to Anilinkz, you can freely watch thousands of anime episodes across a wide range of genres, or you can download them to your computer or mobile device. As part of its ongoing content delivery strategy, Chia-Anime releases new episodes on a regular basis to keep users engaged. Furthermore, with support for 720p resolution, it is an excellent place to watch HD quality content. Also available is a dedicated mobile version for users of portable devices who want to binge on anime in a more convenient way than ever before.


Also, a free website to watch cartoons and anime, KissAnime offers English dubbed and subbed anime in high definition video quality, as well as English, subbed anime. It is primarily geared toward anime fans, as they can find almost every type of anime here.

Make no mistake, this site is distinct from the previously mentioned Kiss Anime Club; however, it does have a movie section in the header, so don’t get confused. Although it is a mobile-friendly website, you will be bombarded with advertisements, which may be irritating to you.

KissAnime is an old anime streaming site that receives around 40 million visitors per month, with the majority of visitors coming from the United States (approximately 50% of total traffic). For those looking for an alternative to Anilinkz, this site might be the best option.

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In terms of watching anime online, 9Anime is one of the best websites to visit; this site has a large selection of anime series to choose from. Anime requests are also accepted, in the event that a particular anime title is not currently available on their website.

Although the site’s interface and user experience are not up to par, they do have a large selection of anime. While streaming, you will see a large number of pop-up advertisements and display advertisements; pop-up advertisements will open in a new tab in your browser.

Now, let’s talk about its popularity. It has approximately 10 million monthly users, with the majority of them hailing from the United States. Americans are huge fans of anime. The most effective alternative to Anilinkz.

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