You probably have at least one special “mom” in your life. Maybe it’s the woman who raised you or the one who is raising your child. Or perhaps it’s someone who has always shown you a mother’s love, even if she wasn’t technically your mother. Whatever the case may be, moms are remarkable women, and they deserve the absolute best. 

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Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, whether it’s Mother’s Day, a birthday or another occasion. You want something that shows her how much you care, but it isn’t always easy to find something special for a woman who seemingly has everything. Most moms would never dream of saying exactly what they want or need because they are more concerned about caring for others. And, of course, this makes it even harder to pick out the perfect present. If you are looking for the best gifts for sentimental moms, we have you covered! Below, you’ll find several gift ideas that the important woman (or women) in your life will surely love. From a memories candle to transport her back in time to personalized jewelry, here are a few of our top picks. 

  1. Memory Candle

Most moms enjoy the fresh fragrance of nice candles. Instead of picking up a generic one from a big-box store, why not give her something a bit more personal? A candle that invokes positive memories is a unique option that any sentimental mom is sure to love. From scents to remind her of places you visited in your childhood to candles that smell just like Grandma’s Kitchen, there are lots of options from which to choose. Memory-evoking scents are also available in reed diffusers. These home fragrance products are excellent alternatives for those who can’t or prefer not to use candles in their home. And since they don’t need to be “lit” to disburse fragrance, they’ll keep your mother’s home smelling incredible at all times. 

  1. Personalized Jewelry

You can never go wrong with personalized jewelry when shopping for a sentimental gift. There are many options to choose from, so don’t feel like you have to buy a traditional mother’s ring or necklace. Get creative and come up with something that’s as unique as your intended recipient. 

For a new spin on the traditional mother’s necklace, get her a cage-style pendant filled with all of her children’s birthstones. Or, if you are an only child, have a pendant made featuring your birthstone. You could even get crafty and make one yourself by wire wrapping a crystal or another special object like a pebble from the beach you visited when you were a child. Other unique personalized jewelry ideas include bracelets engraved with your handwriting, fingerprint pendants and keychains and necklaces featuring birth month flowers rather than birthstones. 

  1. Supplies for Her Favorite Hobby

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Your mom spent countless hours (and plenty of money) shuttling you from one after-school activity to the next when you were younger. She supported your hobbies and interests and has always been your work’s biggest fan. Repay that favor by helping her enjoy her favorite activities. If she loves gardening, give her a set of personalized garden tools. Or buy her some nice gardening gloves or even a gift card to her favorite garden center. Arts and crafts supplies are always an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys creative hobbies, and a personalized cutting board is a welcome gift for any home chef. 

Not sure what supplies the mom in your life might need? Plan to spend time with her doing her favorite hobby instead. Attend a painting class, prepare a meal or go for a hike together. No matter what she enjoys doing, she’ll love it even more when she spends the day doing it with you rather than on her own. And the memories you’ll make will be better than any gift you can buy at a store. 

  1. The Gift of Relaxation

Being a mother is a difficult and often thankless job. Show the mom in your life some gratitude and give her a much-needed break by giving a gift that helps her relax. If she is on her feet all day, consider getting her a nice, fluffy pair of slippers or a heated foot massager. Or get her a new pair of pajamas and a cozy robe to snuggle up in at the end of a long day. 

A spa gift basket is a thoughtful choice for the woman who has everything but needs help unwinding. Fill a basket with spa essentials like bubble bath, bath salt, face masks, moisturizer, etc. Include a candle or two to add to the ambiance. You could even toss in a bottle of her favorite wine. If she’s not a huge fan of baths or doesn’t have a bathtub, aromatherapy shower bombs are a great way to create a spa-like experience at home. They come in several scents and can help your mom beat stress, relax and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. 

A gift certificate to a local spa is always a welcome treat when all else fails. Whether you’re shopping for your mom or another special mother in your life, she’ll be thrilled at the opportunity to enjoy some pampering. 

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Finding the perfect gift for a sentimental mom can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Think about the things the woman in your life enjoys and what makes her happy. Consider times you’ve spent together and what you could do to bring back some of those positive memories. 

Whether you refresh her memory with a candle that smells like a favorite family vacation spot, plan an outing to participate in her favorite activity together or give the gift of a relaxing spa day, she will be grateful for your thoughtfulness and treasure the gift for years to come. Remember — It’s not the gift itself that matters; it’s the thought behind it. 

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